Case Study

School District 1:1 iPad Rollout

School District

1:1 iPad Rollout

The SOUTH FAYETTE SCHOOL DISTRICT has been a pioneer at integrating technology
with classroom education. The district prides itself on its cutting-edge approach to
classroom technology. Through the years, they’ve successfully implemented some bold
and innovative education initiatives. Much of their success can be attributed to their
attention to detail from start to finish. Everything from proper research, planning, and
preparation to finding the right tech partners to bring it all together has helped ensure
maximum results.

SFSD priorities presented to Digital Fix:

  • Help plan a 1:1 initiative, whereby every student at SFSD would be issued a school
    iPad for classroom and homework use.
  • Make decisions regarding Apple equipment and ideal iPad case selection for
    protection, while not impacting ease of use or classroom use.
  • Network Considerations
  • Apple IDs, Apple VPP, and App selection
  • MDM integration
  • Faculty Proficiency Evaluation on the iPad
  • Roll out logistics to families

How Digital Fix Consulting Responded:

  • Planning for the South Fayette 1:1 initiative began before Digital Fix Consulting
    entered the picture. Early in their planning process, the district realized an endeavor
    this size would require a partner proficient with Apple devices. One that could
    consult on deployment logistics and provide group training. Digital Fix was called in
    for the assist. We helped the district plan and prepare for the rollout; offering our
    input and expertise while steering them away from common mistakes.
  • Digital Fix was involved in ten planning sessions. These meetings gave us a chance to
    consult the administration on some key decisions they’d have to make prior to
    deploying iPads into classrooms and student homes. Several of the planning sessions
    involved technical brainstorming with the SFSD IT staff to resolve Network WiFi
    Access Points, MDM enrollment and monitoring through Jamf, and Apple ID logistics
    for each device.
  • Successful tech integration doesn’t happen if teachers aren’t comfortable using these
    devices in the classroom. Digital Fix Consultants held three Professional Development
    sessions with South Fayette faculty. The first session was a group training that served
    as a basic introduction to the device. This group was comprised of 1st and 2nd grade
  • The second and third Professional Development sessions involved the same group
    and consisted of iPad training followed by a staff proficiency evaluation. These
    sessions covered everything from the most basic skills (powering devices off/on) to
    more complex tasks (Air Drop/Air Play). Groups were later split to give more time
    and attention to those needing individual support and training.
  • Logistics play an important role when planning a 1:1 initiative. Over the course of
    this roll out, there were 500 iPads deployed to 1st and 2nd graders as well as the 22
    iPads for South Fayette faculty members. Digital Fix worked with South Fayette to
    structure a 14 session rollout over a three-week period.
  • In addition, Digital Fix and South Fayette deveoped the “90-Minute iPad Parent
    Playground”, which gave any parent uncomfortable with technology an opportunity
    to spend time with experts to become more comfortable interacting with the iPad.
    Digital Fix led a classroom-style training to all parents and their child through basic
    iPad functionality, good charging practices, maintenance, care, and cleaning, and a
    tips and tricks section to get the most out of their iPads.
  • The playground was designed to get the parents immediately comfortable with the
    devices, and address any concerns parents had. Most ultimately learned a great
    deal, including for their own personal mobile devices.

Email Testimonial from Dr. Jennifer Elise Iriti – SFSD School Board Member:
just came home from the iPad roll out session for Mia’s class. Wow! It was so well
thought-out, organized, and smooth.only word to describe it is “impressive.” I’ve never
seen a roll out of a major initiative in another district done so well- from logistics, to
hardware/software, to aesthetics, information, instruction for parents and for kids! The
families around me just kept saying things like, “This is first class” and “They thought of
everything.” Most impressive was the very laser sharp focus that was communicated to the
parents that this initiative is a way to transform learning and support student global
citizenship (not just play or have glitzy devices). Kudos to everyone who’s had a hand in
this……tremendous work!
Thank you-