Why DFC as Your Apple Partner?


Our long and successful history working in partnership with Apple gives us a unique understanding and ability to design and integrate Apple solutions into all sectors.

The Apple Practice at DFC brings together the combined expertise of 10 IT professionals. Our dedicated experts from across the business work together to deliver industry leading Apple solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We help organizations accelerate the adoption of Apple technology and pride ourselves on delivering value at every stage of the device lifecycle, from pre-deployment consultancy to eventual end of life buyback and recycling.

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We can help with:

  • Full Life Cycle Management
  • Apple Business Manager
  • Upgrades and Repairs
  • Mobile Device Management
Device enrollment program

We remove the need for a distributor and deal with everything in-house, providing you with one less intermediary that could cause delays.

Devices can be assigned to a user before they receive their macOS or iOS technology. As soon as they turn on the device, the configuration is automatic.

With our own qualified Apple technicians, we can deal with any software or hardware issues you’re experiencing. As an authorized Apple Repair Center we will use genuine Apple parts to ensure your warranty is safe.

Recycle your old technology

If you already have old devices you want to trade-in, we can provide credit towards your new devices. We will even collect them, provide destruction certificates and wipe any data in a secure manner.

Apple device enrollment program

Set your teams up for success with day-one-ready Apple devices, all without opening a box. We proudly offer Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), an online service that automates the enrollment and configuration of Apple OS X and iOS devices for your organization’s mobile device management software. Apple products purchased through our site can be automatically uploaded to DEP and Apple Business Manager.


We’ve Sold Over

760 Apple Devices

We’ve Recycled Over

2620 Apple Devices

Employee Choice

Employees do their best work with the products they know and love, and 78% of the time, it’s Apple.

Why Choice Matters

  • Enhance productivity
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve perception

*Announced by Apple during first-quarter earnings – January 2019.

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When given the choice, users go Mac

When given the choice, users go Mac

Why live like the Jetsons at home and the Flinstones at work?

If you aren’t already offering Apple device choice at you company, now is the time to start.

Cisco reported that “59% of new hires choose a Mac and 65% of existing workers switch to Apple’s platform when they get the chance.”

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The role of Apple devices in business continuity