Case Study

MDM and Mac Support for Healthcare

MDM and Mac Support for Healthcare

HIGHMARK HEALTH is a national, blended-healthcare organization and Integrated
Delivery Network based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Highmark and its subsidiaries
provide Healthcare services from eastern Ohio to Central Pennsylvania and all of West
Virginia. The non-profit company also manages a collection of chartiable foundations,
such as Highmark Caring Foundation.

Highmark IT priorities presented to DFC:

  • Build-out and implementation of Jamf MDM system for Apple device management
    and deployment, including (but not limited-to) Windows and Linux b server specs as
    well as setting proper access and IP ranges
  • Leveraged Highmark’s existing IT support ticketing system to provide knowledgeable
    support to Highmark’s Mac end users.
  • Collaborate with Highmark’s IT infrastructure teams to implement network and
    security policies on the macOS platform, while being a resource for questions
    pertaining to Apple products and policies.

Highmark business priorities presented to DFC:

  • Provide a cost-effective team that can be boots-on-the-ground and collaboratively
    work with the existing contractor that manages Windows PCs
  • Ability to scale with the growth of Highmark and its Mac end users
  • Adjust to changes in policies, initiatives, and projects down the road

How DFC Responded:

  • Established a team of certified Apple professionals to operate on site at Highmark
    utilizing Highmark’s existing support desk ticketing system to resolve hardware and
    software incidents.
  • Delivered a custom solution with Jamf MDM solution to manage and deploy
    Highmark Macs, keeping with Highmark’s security and privacy needs in the
    healthcare space as well as Windows and Linux b server specifications.
  • Provided a ‘Mac lifecycle’ approach for deployment of new assets to replace
    outdated ones while securely removing all data in compliance with Highmark and
    government security policies before scrapping.
  • Established an Apple inventory management program including, but not limited to,
    maintenance and repair of damaged equipment as well as inventory. This allowed for
    significant reduction in procurement costs in the first half of 2020
    Managed Highmark transition to an entirely remote workforce after the COVID-19
    lockdown. Mac end users experienced a seamless transition and continue to easily
    work from home.

Ongoing DFC Initiatives:

  • Remote deployment under Jamf. New Highmark employees can be fully set up and
    integrated remotely without coming into the office.
  • Remote service desk support resolving incidents over the phone or by remote access
    to end user’s Mac.
  • Our Highmark team continues to certify in the latest macOS and Jamf software
    products, ensuring up-to-date knowledge and competency.
  • Highmark comfortably continues to offer a Mac option to new hires and existing
    employees, knowing it will be fully deployed and supported.
  • Continual consulting. Even though we specialize in macOS, our architects are
    consulted by Highmark on numerous Windows and Linux OS issues.

What’s Next For Highmark and DFC:

  • Expansion of Highmark’s Jamf MDM system to include Allegheny Health Network’s
    existing Mac workforce. Each of these AHN Macs will be enrolled and managed
    under the same Jamf MDM system.
  • New changes to the Jamf MDM system to accommodate AN architecture, including
    managing several more domains.
  • Our service desk support for macOS will soon include help desk tickets from AHN
    doctors and employees while continuing to provide remote support and deployment
    to the much larger AHN network.